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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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All 30 A Dal 2015 participants revealed!

All 30 A Dal 2015 participants revealed!
Emma Kiernan

All 30 entries for A Dal 2015, the Hungarian selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest, have been revealed in three press conferences held by MTVA and MTV this week.

30 acts will compete in A Dal 2015.



The following acts will compete in A Dal 2015:

1. “The Night” – Chances
2. “War For Nothing” – Boggie
3. “World of Violence” – Bogi
4. “Liar” – Balázs Farkas-Jenner
5. “The Time Is Now” – Karmapolis
6. “Maniac” – MDC
7. “Listen The The Universe” – Barbie
8. “Keep Marching On” – Spoon
9. “Our Time” – Saci & Böbe Szécsi
10. “Gyemant” – Vera Tóth
11. “Ne engedj el” – Kati Wolf
12. “Ugysem felejtesz el” – Gabi Szűcs
13. “Woke Up This Way” – Timi Antal
14. “Osz utca” – Gergő Szakács
15. “Hol a hatar” – Proof of Life
16. “Back To Right” – Fool Moon
17. “Kicsi a világ, de nagy világ” – Pankastic!
18. “Beside You” – Zoltán Mujahid
19. “Run To You” – Gyula Éliás Jr. feat. Fourtissimo
20. “Fire” – Éva Katona-Zsombori
21. “Ebreszto” – Heni Dér
22. “That’s How It Goes” – Bálint Gájer
23. “Hazám hazád lehet” – Ildikó Keresztes
24. “Lőjetek fel” – Leander Rising
25. “Lead Me To Heaven” – Bori Magyar
26. “Homelight” – New Level Empire
27. “A tükör előtt” – Oláh Gergő
28. “Untold Story” – Other Planet
29. “Give Me Your Love” – Ádám Szabó
30. “Mesmerize” – PASSED


Kati Wolf has represented Hungary previously in 2011. Her song “What About My Dreams?” made it to the final in Dusseldorf as a big fan-favorite.



The jury that will select the winning song will be Magdi Rúzsa (Hungary 2007), Jenő Csiszár, Philip Rákay and Pierrot. The viewers will be the fifth jury member this year.

A Dal will start on January 24th. There will be 6 shows, with the final taking place on February 28th.

The winner of A Dal 2015 will represent Hungary at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna in May.

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