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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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40 Moldovan songs to become 24

40 Moldovan songs to become 24
  • On January 29, 2014

The selection in Moldova is underway, with 40 shortlisted candidates being made available for the public to listen to, after the deadline was reached.

However, only 24 will make it to the selection show in March. An expert jury will judge the artists at a live audition on February 1 and eliminate 16 acts.


You can listen to the 40 entries on national broadcaster TRM’s website and get an impression of what to expect from the Moldovan selection by clicking here.


The 40 shortlisted:

  • Alina Sorochina – Ascultă-mă Tăcere
  • Anastasia Ursu – Give Me A Smile
  • Anna Gulko – Happy Tomorrow
  • Brescan Diana – Hallelujah
  • Cadence of Heart – I Want To Fly
  • Cernicova Ana – Dragostea Divină
  • Chirtoacă Aurel – Urme De Lubiri
  • Covali Boris – Flying
  • Covali Boris – Perfect Day
  • Cristina Scarlat – Wild Soul
  • Curly – Your Recovery
  • Dana Markitan – Qween Of The Dancefloor
  • Dana Markitan – I Want Your Love
  • Diana Staver – One And All
  • Diana Staver – It`s All About A Boy
  • Doiniţa Gherman – Energy
  • Edict – Forever
  • Elit MS – Azi, Aici, Acum
  • Esperanza – The Breakthrough
  • Felicia Dunaf – The Way I Do

  • Felicia Dunaf – Taking Care Of A Broken Heart
  • FLUX LIGHT – Never Stop No
  • Glam Girls – You Believed In Me
  • Gorun Carolina – Turn The Tide
  • Jenea Latişev – The Rythm Of The Jazz
  • Katy Rain – Listen My Dear
  • Ksenya Nicora – A New Beginning
  • Ksenya Nicora – A Letter To My Friend
  • Lana Lights – Solar Wind
  • Lucia S – Frozen
  • Malaru Eduard – Viaţă-n Culoare
  • Margarita Ciorici – Vis
  • Mikaella – Follow Your Dreams
  • Nicollete – Take A Look At Me Now
  • Olişevschi Rodica – Without You
  • Paralela 47 – Fragmente
  • Paşa Valeria – Te-am Aşteptat
  • Ray Gligor – Is This The Way
  • Sandina – Reasons To Love You
  • Tatiana Heghea – I`m Yours


According to Lithuanian Eurovision site, three of the songs have already been selected in the on-going Lithuanian selection. They are “Take a Look at Me Now,” “A New Beginning,” and “It’s All About a Boy.” All three are penned by Irish Aidan O’Connor. It is normal for songwriters to enter their works in several selections all over Europe, however, it breaches the Lithuanian selection rules of not having entered the songs in other selections.

The semi-finals of the Moldovan selection will take place on March 11 and 13, with eight moving on to the final, decided by a combination of televote and jury. The final airs on March 15.

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