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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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New Albanian Eurovision song is "I'm Alive" - but why?

New Albanian Eurovision song is “I’m Alive” – but why?
  • On February 25, 2015

Yesterday, the 2015 Albanian Eurovision representative Elhaida Dani announced on her Facebook page that her song “Diell” would no longer be the Albanian contribution in Vienna. 

Elhaida Dani stated in her message that the reason was that the author withdrew it for personal reasons. No further details were given. But why is the song chosen through Festivali i Këngës now out?


Unable to realize the song

We contacted the composer Aldo Shllaku asking for more information and were given quite a different story.

Aldo Shllaku said that the official request to withdraw the song had been filed on February 5 and since then, all stakeholders have been aware of the situation, including Albanian broadcaster RTSH.

“The decision to withdraw the song was not because of personal reasons, but because we were unable to realize the song. RTSH contacted me January 2 for the rework, even though we didn’t know what RTSH wanted to do. All I know is that I can’t realize this song anymore.”

Since the trophy was handed to Elhaida Dani after winning Festivali i Këngës on December 28, the authors of the song have been excluded from any process or decision about the song. It was unknown of who had the right to change the song and to be in accordance with terms of Eurovision Song Contest. This is a flagrant violation of any copyright.

The only option left for the authors was to send the request to withdraw the song, having no chance to participate in the remake. Any further step after this decision is the violation of the copyright.


To be remade in Los Angeles

According to Aldo Shllaku, plans were already made for the song. It was to be remade by a producer who has won 12 Grammy Awards and would be remixed in Los Angeles in three versions: Albanian, Italian, and English.

In spite of the failed song, Aldo Shllaku underlines that Albania should still be supported at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.


New song: “I’m Alive”

With “Diell” gone, Elhaida Dani will sing a brand new song called “I’m Alive.” It will be produced by the Kosovar producers Zzap/Chriss and will be up-tempo.

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