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ESC Reporter | December 17, 2017

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Alexander Rybak will help with Belarusian selection!

Alexander Rybak will help with Belarusian selection!
Emma Kiernan

Belarusian-Norwegian, Alexander Rybak, won Eurovision 2009 for Norway with his own composition, “Fairytale.” His performance dazzled the European audience and Alexander smashed Eurovision records, scoring a massive 387 points.

In 2013, Alexander tried his hand at writing a Eurovision song again for Norway, however the song placed 4th and did not go to Malmö. Last week, it was confirmed that Alexander has written a song for the 2015 Maltese selection. It is now confirmed that Norway’s third Eurovision champion will also be involved with the Belarusian selection for Vienna.

According to, Alexander posted a video online for Belarusian singers, giving details of the auditions. Alexander will be searching Belarus next week for a singer for his song. Auditions will take place in Mogilev, Grodno, Minsk, and Brest between October 19 and 22. He is looking for a female singer, over 18, who can sing folk music. Those auditioning must have two songs prepared, one being a folk song.

As well as being a key figure in the audition process, Alexander will also be writing the song. However, complete control over Belarus’ representative won’t belong to Alexander as there will still be a televised national final for Belarus.

Belarus made it to the 2014 Eurovision final with Teo and his song “Cheesecake” He finished in 16th place with 43 points, receiving the maximum 12 points from Russia.


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