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ESC Reporter | December 18, 2017

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Azerbaijan 2014 | ESC Reporter



  • Dilara Kazimova was born in Baku in 1984. After beginning her singing career at age 14, Dilara was admitted to the Hajibeyov Baku Academy of Music, where she studied vocal arts.

    Upon its completion, she took to opera for a short period of time, performing in a troupe professionally.

    Other than singing, Dilara took part in the movie industry by accepting roles in two feature films. But Dilara’s passion will always be singing.

    In 2014, Dilara decided to audition for the Azerbaijani talent show Böyük səhnə, for which she later won.

  • Dilara Kazimova started her quest for Eurovision in 2008, when she entered the Azerbaijani national selection with the rock band Unformal. The group ended up the runner-ups to winners Elnur Hüseynov and Samir Javadzadeh.

    In 2010, Dilara tried her luck again in the female duo Milk & Kisses, which also received the 2nd place.

    In 2014, Dilara auditioned for the talent show Böyük səhnə, which doubles as the show that selects the Azerbaijani artist.

    After passing through the casting, she sailed through the semi-finals and ultimately won the final, securing her place in Copenhagen. Soon after, Dilara’s entry song was revealed to be ballad “Start a fire.”

  • Someone’s selling garden roses down the square

    People gathering by to breathe the morning air

    But no one sees the bitter cold and shivering empty hands


    A school girl running by and trying to beat the bell

    People dropping, tossing coins in wishing wells

    But no one cares for dreams that don’t fit into our world


    Maybe nightfall darkens skies

    And maybe teardrops stain our eyes

    But may the slightest light start a fire

    A soldier in the hands of a forgotten mess

    Digging out the burning bullets in his chest

    So eager, bold and noble – printing footsteps on this earth


    Maybe nightfall darkens skies

    Maybe teardrops stain our eyes

    But may the slightest light start a fire


    Start a fire


    But may the slightest light start a fire

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