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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Slovenia 2014 | ESC Reporter



  • Tinkara Kovač was born in 1978 in Koper, Slovenia. Early on, TInkara leaned toward the musical world.

    Aside from singing, Tinkara holds a professional flute degree from the prestigious Giuseppe Tartini Conservatorio in Trieste, Italy.

    At one point, Tinkara was invited to go on tour as a guest with band Jethro Tull during their tour in Croatia, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Tinkara herself attributes a lot her flute-playing inspiration to Jethro Tull.

    Since Tinkara’s career started, she has won numerous awards and has had nine studio albums, of which all have gone gold or platinum.


  • Tinkara Kovač first tried out for Eurovision in 1997 when she submitted to the Slovenian national selection. After being chosen, she ended up at 10th place.

    After taking a year off, she returned in 1999 and managed to get 2nd place, despite winning the televote. Tinkara tried a third time in 2001, and ended up 4th.

    After a break of 13 years, Tinkara decided to enter the Slovenian selection show “EMA 2014.” She entered the song “Spet/Round and Round,” which was co-written with the 2013 Eurovision representative for Slovenia Hannah Mancini. After making it into the top two in the final, she went on to the super-final with Muff, and won by a landslide in the televote.


    Negotovi med svetovi

    Krog za krogom ujeti v čas

    Ko že veš za vse viharje

    Si razigran, a vendar si sam


    And now

    I’m gonna show you how to breathe

    I’m gonna show you how to live

    I’m gonna hold your heart in hand

    I’m gonna make you understand


    You don’t know you don’t know

    Is it love is it hate

    What are we changing

    (What are we doing)

    You don’t know you don’t but

    Can you feel it inside

    Feel the roses

    Feel the pride

    (Can you believe it)


    Round and round again we …

    Round and round again we go …

    Round and round again we …

    Round and round again we go…

    Is a moment just a circle

    Just a song you play on repeat?

    If we can’t change how we’re living

    Isn’t life just a lie that we feed


    You don’t know you don’t know …


    Ko nebo ne bo prekrilo najin sanj

    Prerojena bova spoznala

    Ko nebo ne bo imelo pravih idej

    Spet bo najin čas, da bi sijala


    Spet vse bo isto

    Vse bo tisto

    Kar je bilo

    Le srce bo tisto

    Ki ne bo več isto

    Kar je bilo

    Vse, kar je bilo



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“I really loved the beginnings of Eurovision because there was the live orchestra.”

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