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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Analysis of the Eurovision 2015 Grand Final!

Analysis of the Eurovision 2015 Grand Final!
Iain Cameron

So, Eurovision is over for another year and Sweden has been declared the winner!

Last night’s grand final was a nail-biting affair with Sweden, Russia and Italy fighting for the crown until Sweden edged forward towards the end in the longest edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.


We have previously analysed the performances from Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2, but these did not include the Big 5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), the reigning champion (Austria) and Australia.


The Big 5

France was represented by Lisa Angell and the ballad N’oubliez Pas. The song itself didn’t particularly stand out in the field of songs last night but the staging was effective; an abandoned city was projected on the screen behind her and purple shockwaves were sent out from around her feet. In the year deemed ‘the year of the ballad,’ N’oubliez Pas wasn’t destined for success coming 25th in a field of 27 with 4 points.

Germany sent their second choice national finalist after the winner decided not to compete in the contest. Ann Sophie belted out Black Smoke last night in Vienna with a unique voice that had elements of Amy Winehouse to it. Unfortunately, her performance really didn’t resonate with viewers and is heading home to Germany with nul point in 27th place.

Italy were tipped to win early in the year and Il Volo didn’t disappoint the fans last night with their ‘popera’ song Grande Amore. The three members has powerful vocals and Italian-themed staging with rock statues of horses projected onto the backdrop. OGAE international crowned Italy their winner but they were beaten to it last night by Sweden and Russia. They did indisputably better than the rest of the Big 5 by achieving third place with 292 points!

Edurne represented Spain this year with Amanacer. This ballad was initally well received across the continent on social media and she gave a very powerful vocal performance last night in Vienna. Her staging started off dark with her wrapped in a red cloak, the staging grew lighter after her onstage partner ripped the cloak from her to reveal a thin and light golden dress with heeled sandals. Despite Spain’s pre-contest popularity, they went home in 21st place with 15 points.

The United Kingdom has perhaps the most debated song of the whole 40 entries this year. Electro Velvet brought Still In Love With You to Vienna this year and was described as ‘marmite’ across the media. The uptempo, electro-swing track transported Vienna back to the 1920s with an array of neon lights and Charleston-style dancing. Unfortunately, their efforts didn’t translate and they achieved 24th place with 5 points.



The Makemakes had a hill to climb this year, succeeding Conchita as the Austrian entry. I Am Yours was the name of the song and was performed upon a flaming piano. The song was familiar and had a likeable quality to it but it was not to be, for the first time ever the host city received nul points and finished in 26th place.



2015, the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, and a year for records. This year, Australia entered the contest for the first time after being an interval act in the 2014 contest. Guy Sebastian and his song Tonight Again was an upbeat song for their debut and was reminiscent of Bruno Mars. He performed very well vocally and had a fun and colourful street theme on stage. He came 5th in the contest with 196 points – well done on your first attempt, Australia!

The voting: not ‘business as usual’

The announcements of the votes last night was an exciting event in itself as there were a few surprises. Greece and Cyprus are known for exchanging their douze points if they both qualify for the final. Not this year; Greece gave Cyprus 10 points and Cyprus returned only 8!

It was also surprising to see Lithuania give none of their points to Russia. This said, there is still some sense of order in the world as Serbia and Montenegro exchanged 12 points whilst Azerbaijan and Armenia ranked each other dead last in both the jury and televotes.


Thank you for joining us for this year’s contest and stay tuned for everything Eurovision over the coming months!

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