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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Analysis of Eurovision 2016's second semi-final results

Analysis of Eurovision 2016’s second semi-final results

| On 13, May 2016

After the betting odds were analyzed directly before the live broadcast of the second semi-final, we can take a look and see if they predicted correctly.

What the betting got right

Well first off, Ukraine qualified, just like the odds predicted. No surprise there. Australia and Bulgaria qualified as well, each with good odds leading up.

Serbia and Israel qualified as predicted by the odds, as well as Belgium. Moving down the odds, Latvia and Poland qualified as planned as well.

Where the betting went wrong

Belarus, which was ninth in the betting to qualify, did not qualify. Also, Norway was predicted to qualify, but this did not happen.

Lithuania and Georgia surprised the odds and qualified for the Grand Final. Lithuania was 12th in the betting and Georgia was 13th in the betting odds.


Surprise on Saturday?

Since the qualification of Australia last night, they have moved to second in the betting odds, overtaking Ukraine. Will Dami take it all?

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