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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Anastasiya Prykhodko speaks out against Russia

Anastasiya Prykhodko speaks out against Russia
Emma Kiernan

Ukrainian singer Anastasiya Prykhodko represented Russia in Eurovision 2009 in Moscow. Her song “Mamo” was a ballad in both the Ukrainian and RussianĀ languages. She finished in 11th place with 91 points.

She also took part in the Ukrainian national final in 2009, but was disqualified as she had allegedley performed the song before. In 2011, she participated again in the Ukrainian national final, finishing in 8th place with her song “Action.”

Today, Anastasiya is speaking out about the 2014 Crimean Crisis. Although Anastasiya rose to fame in 2007 on the Russian show, “Fabrika Zvezd” (“Star Factory”), she says that no amount of money could ever make her sing in Russia again and she “will not sing for occupiers.” She says it is not Russia that is responsible for her career, but her Ukrainian mother and her Georgian producer.

On August 31, Russian television aired a film entitled “17 Friends of the Junta,” where the 27-year old-singer is shunned, as well as several other prominent figures in Russia who have criticized Russia’s treatment of Ukraine. Anastasiya has spoken in favour of Ukraine’s decision to block Russian television channels.

Anastasiya has often taken to Twitter to express her feelings about Russia, calling Russians “stupid” and “narrow-minded.” Her profile photo shows her with Ukrainian soldiers.


anastasiya prykhodko

Anastasiya has toured Ukraine recently, performing for Ukrainian troops and residents, in a dress decorated with traditional Ukrainian embroidery.

Ukraine has withdrawn from Eurovision 2015, while Russia have confirmed their participation.

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