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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Ann Sophie will compete at Germany's national final!

Ann Sophie will compete at Germany’s national final!
Emma Kiernan

Germany’s national final will take place on March 5. Seven established acts will take part and tonight, it has been decided that Ann Sophie will join them.

Germany’s ‘club concert’ tonight was held tonight in the Große Freiheit club in Hamburg. As in previous years, this show was used to select a wildcard entry for the German national final. Ten unknown acts performed with a live band.

Ann Sophie was chosen as the winner by a public vote. The 24-year-old from London will compete at Unser Song für Österreich on March 5.

The full list of results from tonight’s club concert are below:

  1. Ann Sophie – “Jump The Gun”
  2. Ason – “Hey You”
  3. Moonjos – “Haggard Heart”
  4. Klangpoet – “4 U”
  5. Sophie – “Imperfection”
  6. Alisson Bonnefoy – “Burning Down”
  7. Aden Jaron – “We’re on Fire”
  8. Lars Pinkwart – “Tornado”
  9. Sendi – “Battlefield”
  10. Louisa – “Boomerang”


The winner of Unser Song für Österreich will represent Germany at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna in May.

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