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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Another Melodifestivalen scandal... Molly Sandén's song leaks

Another Melodifestivalen scandal… Molly Sandén’s song leaks
Kevin Lee

In a year when an artist has already been disqualified for using the melody of a vaguely published song, another scandal has hit Melodifestivalen.



30 Seconds on the Net

This scandal involves the highly favoured to win artist Molly Sandén and her song “Youniverse” having a 30-second clip leak ahead of it’s official debut later next week. As we have already seen with Anna Book, SVT has very strict rules when it comes to songs being heard in any form ahead of its first performance.


Amazon Has Leaked the Clip

Usually two days before the live contest broadcast SVT will show teaser clips from the rehearsal which is when the public will get their first taste of the song. Amazon, which previews 30 second clips of songs, has published the preview for “Youniverse” even though the song can only be purchased by pre-order. As it appears that this is at no fault of the artist or record company, it will be interesting to see if SVT will disqualify Molly.


Amazon with the preview of song.

Amazon with the preview of song.


Previous Times When Leaks Have Stayed In The Contest

In 2010, Peter Jöback and Sibel‘s songs were both leaked accidentally by SVT, as this was the fault of the broadcaster they let the entrants stay in the contest.

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