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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Argo to represent Greece at Eurovision 2016!

Argo to represent Greece at Eurovision 2016!
George Dalakouras

After many rumors, today it was revealed the name of the band which will represent Greece. it’s Argo!

Argo includes members of the band Europond, which was previously reported as an aspirating representative by Greek media. The six members are:


  • Christina Lachana (singer)
  • Maria Venetikidou (backing vocals)
  • Vladimiros Sofianidis (singer)
  • Kostas Topouzis (playing the Pontiac lyra)
  • Ilias Kesidis (backing vocals and drums)
  • Alekos Papadopoulos (playing the Daouli, a traditional instrument)

The song will be in the Pontiac dialect and it will be a mix of traditional music and hip-hop. The Pontiac dialect has already shaken the waters in Greece since it will be the very first time that the country will sing in this dialect. Argo, just like Europond, consists of people coming from Pontiac background.

Mr. Tsaknis, the head of ERT, had mentioned that the Greek entry will show the problems the Greeks face, it will deal with the refugee crisis and it will definitely contain Balkan, ethnic, and of course Greek elements.

The song will be released soon.

Here you can check out one of their songs:


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