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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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"Asiavision Song Contest" to debut in 2017

“Asiavision Song Contest” to debut in 2017
Alvaro Sanabria

SBS has announced that it had acquired the exclusive rights to develop a Eurovision spin-off for the Asia-Pacific region. Although the music contest for the Asian region was first scheduled for 2018, after the success of Dami Im in Stockholm, SBS has planned to accelerate it and host the first contest in 2017.  

In spite of planning to create their own contest for Asia (initially called “Asiavision”) the country which came second in Stockholm wants to be invited again to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Ukraine. According to Helen Kellie, the SBS network’s content, the Australian broadcaster is crossing fingers to be “invited to compete again, but it’s very much their (the EBU’s) choice. She even suggested that a European country could be invited to participate in the Asiavision Song Contest in a reciprocal gesture to EBU’s invitation to Australia.


How Asiavision 2017 would look

Although it is early to anticipate the future event, Kellie has revealed how they expect the first edition of the Asiavision Song Contest will look: 

  • Host Country: Australia 
  • Reference Group: SBS is working with its peers in China, Korea and Japan (and potentially India) to form a reference group to urgently develop the concept.
  • Debuting countries: 12


The event is planned to be “cost-neutral” during the first years but it is expected to become “a modest profit” model in a few years’ time.

Australia was invited to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm for the second time. Dami Im who represented the Asian country, was ranked first by the jury vote and came second overall.

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