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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Australasiavision coming in 2017?

Australasiavision coming in 2017?
Kevin Lee

Exciting news was revealed this week, as SBS announced that it had secured the rights to the Eurovision Song Contest format to be used in the Asia-Pacific region.

Together with Blink TV, SBS is exploring ways to make this possible with the goal of airing a grand final to take place sometime in 2017.


Australia To Start it Off

Australia, which has been airing the Eurovision Song Contest for the past 30 years, will take charge in introducing this format to a new group of singer-songwriiters, to bring even more countries together through music.

The concept would remain similar to Eurovision, having the winning country win the right to host the following year.

Since Moscow 2009, alongside SBS, we have been building Australia’s alliance with the Eurovision Song Contest, a brand that champions diversity, song writers and performers. Blink TV and SBS have been granted an opportunity to grow the Eurovision brand from an audience of 200 million, to a potential Asian audience of more than a billion viewers. I am certain we can build the team for this wonderful opportunity, and we look to partners in our part of the world to join us. Asia has an astonishing set of musical and visual cultures, and it will make for brilliant television.” said Blink TV director Paul Clarke.


Win Win For Everyone, Except Fans’ Wallets

Naturally, reaching over 1 billion people in the Asia-Pacifc market can only benefit the Eurovision brand in Europe, as the contest would probably be held at different times of the year than the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, giving fans something to cheer about all year round, and creating new fans too around the globe.

Although the travelling and shows may take their toll on fans budgets, imagine both a Japan and Norway win in the same year. Perhaps even a mega-showdown between the two winners of the contests in both Europe and Asia-Pacific. The possibilities are endless.

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