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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Belarusian running order decided

Belarusian running order decided
Eric Nocito

After previously revealing the artists, BTRC, national broadcaster of Belarus, announced the song titles and the running order of the Belarusian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.



The running order:


  1. Natalya Tamelo“Not What I’ve Been Looking For”
  2. Group “Nuteki” – “Fly Away”
  3. Artem Mikhalenko –  “Рапсодия № 1” (“Rhapsody № 1”)
  4. Matvey Kuper & group “DUX” “Strippers”
  5. ТЕО – “Cheesecake”
  6. Daria – “Starlights”
  7. Elena Sinyavskaya“Via Lattea”
  8. Alina Moshchenko – “Angel Crying”
  9. Janette “You will be here”
  10. Anastasiya Malashkevich“Runaway”
  11. SWITTER BOYS feat. KATE&VOLGA KAROL“Вечная любовь” (“Eternal love”)
  12. Group “NAPOLI”“Stay with me”
  13. Maks Lorens & Didyulya“Now you’re gone”
  14. Tasha Odi“Empty universe”


All 14 entries can be listened to on the BTRC website here.

The national final will broadcast live from Studio 600 in Minsk on Friday, January 10 at 20:00 CET. The show will be shown on television channels “Belarus 1” and “Belarus 24.” The show is also available via live online stream at

The winner will go on to represent Belarus in Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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