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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Betting analysis of Semi-Final 1

Betting analysis of Semi-Final 1
Emma Kiernan

Tonight, after much anticipation, the 60th Eurovision Song Contest kicks off with the first semi-final.

Here, we take a look at how the betting stands just before semi final one takes place.

According to the current betting odds, Russia will be the winner of the first semi-final, with their odds to win the final at 7/1.

The ten countries expected to qualify tonight are Russia, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Georgia, Albania, Armenia, Greece and either Hungary, Belarus or Macedonia, as they all share 150/1 odds.

Moldova is the least likely to qualify, at 500/1.


Russia 7/1                                      Greece 125/1                              Romania 300/1

Estonia 9/1                                     Hungary 150/1                            Moldova 500/1

Finland 28/1                                   Belarus 150/1

Belgium 80/1                                  F.Y.R Macedonia 150/1

Georgia 100/1                                Denmark 250/1

Albania 100/1                                 Netherlands 300/1

Armenia 125/1                                Serbia 400/1


As the betting currently stands, the favourite to win Saturday’s grand final is Sweden at 2/1, followed by Italy, Russia, Australia, and Estonia who are all expected to finish in the Top 5.

Semi-final 1 begins tonight at 21.00 p.m. CET on and the official Youtube channel.

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