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ESC Reporter | February 21, 2018

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An all-out bidding war in Ukraine for Eurovision 2017 host city

An all-out bidding war in Ukraine for Eurovision 2017 host city
Eric Nocito

 The prime minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Hroysman, has revealed that he would like a “bidding war” for the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

“The selection should take place among all the candidate cities. It should be a public selection process, where the competition should be addressed not at the level of the government. Most cities have to determine it on the basis of which one has the best conditions. Whoever has the right conditions will host,” said Hroysman. 

Many cities in Ukraine have already shown interest in hosting the contest. Dnipropetrovsk mayor Boris Filatov has shown interest in hosting Eurovision 2017, stating the city’s appeal as being a “southern capital,” “a city with a Jewish soul,” and “new home to 76,000 settlers from Donbass,” as some of the reasons. 

Vitali Klitschko, world-renowned boxer and current mayor of Kyiv, has shown interest as well, even stating to have the contest held in the Olymplic stadium in the heart of the city.

Mayor Andriy Sadovy of Lviv waved the flag for his city stating: “If need be, Lviv will hold Eurovision high. We are always ready to carry out activities at the highest level. We showed this when taking the European Football Championship and FIFA.” 

Next to show interest was Kherson in southern Ukraine. “For our border city, it would be a huge stimulus for the development, investment attraction, and politically it is true. We have proved that Kherson – it is Ukraine. This would be a chance to prove that Kherson – is Europe,” said Kherson mayor Vladimir Mykolayenko.

Vladyslav Holub, mayor of Cherkasy, which is in central Ukraine, has offered to host Eurovision 2017. 

Last but not least, coastal city Odesa in the southwest was added to the list when mayor Hennadiy Trukhanov stated, “A platform worthy of such a prestigious competition, may well be our Odesa – cosmopolitan, beautiful, European city with a rich history and cultural traditions; I hope it will be so!”

Which city will it be? We will know by late summer. 

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