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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Bulgarian broadcaster's Junior Eurovision challenges

Bulgarian broadcaster’s Junior Eurovision challenges
  • On July 20, 2015

Hosting any Eurovision event comes with its own unique challenges. Junior Eurovision 2015, which will be held in Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, on November 2, 2015, is no different.

Host broadcaster for JESC 2015, BNT, face a particularly difficult set of challenges though, because Bulgaria has never hosted a Eurovision event of any description – which is why BNT is reaching out to broadcasters from all over Europe to offer their own expertise to Bulgaria.

Hosting a Eurovision event can be difficult at the best of times, as Vienna found out in hosting the adult Eurovision two months ago. Austria last hosted a Eurovision event in 1967, when the contest was held on a much smaller scale and with a fraction of the organisation required for a successful Eurovision in the 21st century. For the Austrians, their inexperience of not having hosted a Eurovision event for nearly 50 years showed to some critics. Bulgaria will hope to avoid the same problem.


A hit in Bulgaria

Some of the challenges facing BNT include giving broadcasters the chance to offer expert knowledge to BNT executives, assist with the funding of JESC, while also promoting the many delights of Sofia and Bulgaria to their own audience.

JESC is rapidly becoming popular again after a period where, arguably, the contest fell into the doldrums – and such is JESC’s popularity that in 2014 it was one of the most-watched shows in Bulgaria, with a peak audience of one million people – approximately 40% of the market share in Bulgaria.


The first Eurovision in Bulgaria

Bulgaria finished second at Junior Eurovision 2014 in Malta after a magical performance by Krisia, Hasan, and Ibrahim with their piano-driven ballad, “Planet of the Children,” and BNT was delighted to accept the offer to host the 2015 show in Sofia when the 2014 winner, Italy, turned down the privilege.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 promises to be a wonderful occasion as Bulgaria follows on from Malta 2014 in hosting its first ever major Eurovision event. Good luck Bulgaria, Europe is with you all the way.


Photo: Boby Dimitrov / WikiMedia

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