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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Greece 2014 Archives | ESC Reporter

Is Freaky Fortune of Greece 2014 breaking up?

May 10, 2015 |

Last year, Greece was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 by the energetic Freaky Fortune, featuring RiskyKidd, with the song “Rise Up.”

Recently, in Athens, many posters have been seen advertising concerts where Nicolas Raptakis, the lead singer of … Read More

Freaky Fortune sing “Gi kai Ouranos”

October 24, 2014 |

Freaky Fortune has just released their brand new song called “Gi kai Ouranos (Earth and Sky).” 

This is their first song to be released in the Greek language. A powerful love song with a really different melody than “Rise Up.”

Read More

Summing up: Day 3 of rehearsals

April 30, 2014 |

Today was the third and final day of the first rehearsals of the semi-finalists.

The 10 countries, beginning with Austria and concluding with Romania, rehearsed at least three times each in their 30 minutes provided. Many opted for a fourth … Read More

Producers reveal the running orders of the semi-finals!

March 24, 2014 | 5

The two semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will take place on May 6 and 8 in Copenhagen Denmark. Earlier, the allocation draw determined in which semi-final and in which half the countries would perform.

Today, the exact running … Read More

Freaky Fortune ft. Riskykidd to represent Greece!

March 11, 2014 |

Tonight, in the show Eurosong 2014 – a MAD show, four artists competed to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

After the jury and public had their say, Freaky Fortune ft. Riskykidd and the song “Rise Up” were … Read More

Tonight: Greece decides for Copenhagen!

March 11, 2014 |

Tonight, the Greek representative for Copenhagen will be selected at Eurosong 2014 – a MAD show, live from the Acro Music Hall!

Four artists are in the running to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and both a … Read More

Greek selection details finalized, listen to the songs!

March 5, 2014 |

This Tuesday, March 11, the Greek representative for Copenhagen will be selected at Eurosong 2014 – a MAD show!

The last details are now out, along with the song titles and videos of the songs being uploaded to the official … Read More

Greece selects March 11

February 25, 2014 |

Things appear to be slowly falling into place for the Greek national selection, overcoming the national broadcaster transition after ERT shut down.

Four entries were revealed ealier by OGAE Greece and they are now reporting that the selection will take … Read More

4 finalists to compete in Greece

February 11, 2014 | 1

According to OGAE Greece, four names have been confirmed to take part in a Greek national final.

With Greece still being in the process of establishing a new national broadcaster, the show is to be produced by MAD TV, with … Read More

How will the Semi-Final draw affect voting?

January 21, 2014 | 1

After the Semi-Final Allocation Draw live from Copenhagen City Hall concluded, some countries were happy with their placing, while others started to get a little anxious.

The draw proved surprising, since many countries reliant on neighbor or bloc voting, are … Read More

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