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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Conchita Wurst attends the 72nd Golden Globes!

Conchita Wurst attends the 72nd Golden Globes!
Iain Cameron

Tonight was the 72nd annual Golden Globes award ceremony and our very own Conchita Wurst was there, taking the red carpet by storm! The green velvet dress, complete with matching belt and buttons, and semi-hidden cream bustier were matched with a pair of nude pumps.

Wurst on the red carpet at the 72nd Golden Globes. Photo credit: InTouch

In Eurovision circles, she is most obviously known for winning the contest in 2014 with her ballad, Rise Like a Phoenix.” However, television channel E!, didn’t mention the contest at all but instead gave Conchita’s background as an “Austrian singer and artist’ and a figure who champions diversity and freedom. Conchita was also awarded the “best beard/dress combo”  by InTouch.

Wurst tweeted the above prior to stepping out onto the carpet to commemorate events that unfolded earlier in the week at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, France. Conchita is well known for inciting the fight against repression in addition to her musical talent.

Conchita’s presence at the Hollywood event could suggest that she isn’t going to be fading into the background anytime in the near future.



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