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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Conchita Wurst - Backstage has been released!

Conchita Wurst – Backstage has been released!
Emma Kiernan

A book written about Conchita Wurst has been released today. The book has attracted widespread interest in Austria already, just like Conchita, herself, since she won the contest. It is only available in German at the moment, but there are already plans to release an English version of the book.

Conchita Wurst- Backstage is written by Mario R. Lackner and Irving Wolther and will tell the story of both Conchita Wurst and her creator, Tom Neuwirth. To write the book, the authors interviewed many people from Tom and Conchita’s life. Interviews with people like Tom’s father, (who says he is Conchita’s grandfather) and Conchita’s best friend, Tamara Mascara (whom we saw at Eurovision this year in Conchita’s postcard), will give us a ‘behind-the scenes’ look at the Austrian diva.

The book will also tell us in great detail about Conchita’s time at Eurovision this year and the aftermath; how her victory has outraged people in Russia and other parts of eastern Europe.

To purchase the book in German for 19.80 EUR click here.

  • mourningcageddove

    Is it authorized by Ms. Conchita Wurst? We’ll only buy the book that she herself told straight from her heart…

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