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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Danish jury member gave the wrong votes at Eurovision 2016

Danish jury member gave the wrong votes at Eurovision 2016

| On 18, May 2016

One of the Danish jury members for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Hilda Heick, has apparently misunderstood the voting format and given her points backwards.


Upside down

Jury members were asked to rank each song from 1 to 26, 1 being their favourite and 26 being their least favourite. Somehow, Hilda did the opposite.

“My heart stopped… When you realize you’ve done something wrong, it’s really mortifying. When I saw the other [jury member’s votes], I could see that I had voted the opposite way to them.”, Hilda told a Danish newspaper.

Hilda is a fixture of Eurovision in Denmark. With her husband, the 69-year-old has contributed numerous songs for the Danish selection and Eurovision since the 70s.


No change in results

Fixing her results would not have made much difference to the final result. Instead of finishing with 534 points, Ukraine would have received 524 points, and second place Australia would have finished with 513 points. The results will not be changed.


Under intense attack

Following the reveal of the scandal, Hilda has come under intense attack from people on social media in Denmark. The comments have been ruthless and in an interview with Danish channel TV2, she said she has never been this unhappy about a situation in her life.

“It’s so easy for people who hide behind screens. They should feel it on their own body one day,” she said to TV2 and continued that these people may feel really bad about themselves to be writing such things.


Photo: Wikimedia, Lhademmor

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