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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015 participants list leaks early with CD

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015 participants list leaks early with CD
  • On January 25, 2015

The 10 participants for the Danish national selection were not supposed to be revealed until tomorrow.

But, by mistake the official CD has been released to a few supermarkets and mailed out to preordering customers, revealing artists, titles, and songwriters. The names have been confirmed by DR.


Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015 line-up:

1. Tina & RenéMi Amore
By: Thomas G:son & Henrik Sethsson

2. Anne GadegaardSuitcase
By: Mickey Skeel & Magnus Funemy

3. BabouManjana
By: Thomas Sardorf, Karen Rosenberg, Lasse Lindorf, Daniel Rothmann, Johannes Loeffler & Mathias Zürkler

4. Cecilie AlexandraHotel A
By: Marcos Ubeda, Bobby Ljunggren & Kristian Lagerström

5. Anti Social MediaThe Way You Are
By: Remee & Chief1

6. Julie BjerreTæt På Mine Drømme
By: Lise Cabble, Maria Danielle Andersen & Jacob Glæsner

7. Andy RodaLove Is Love
By: Andy Roda & Maria Hamer-Jensen

8. Sara SukuraniLove Me, Love Me
By: Sara Sukurani, Robert Uhlmann, Alexander Papaconstantinou & Arash

9. Marcel & Soulman GroupNår Veje Krydses
By: Marcel Gbelke, Jeanette Christiansen & Bjarne List Nissen

10. World of GirlsSummer Without You
By: Daniel Calvin, Rune Braager & Martin Fliegenschmidt


Old and new

As usual it is a bit of a mix of some new names, some familiar names, and some X Factor names. Anne Gadegaard represented Denmark all the way back in 2003 in the first Junior Eurovision, with her song “Arabiens Drøm.” Since then, she has launched a successful career as a blogger and recently gotten back into music. Babou and Marcel have both participated in the X Factor, with Marcel singing backup for Basim in Copenhagen last year. Andy Roda was also a part of Basim’s backup team.


Many familiar songwriter names

On the songwriting side there are quite a few familiar names in this year’s line-up. The first song “Mi Amore” has been created by the two Swedes Thomas G:son and Henrik Sethsson. G:son has created a large number of songs for the Swedish selection Melodifestivalen, winning with “Listen To Your Heartbeat” in 2001, together with Sethsson, “Invincible” in 2006, and of course “Euphoria” in 2012. G:son is also behind other Eurovision entries such as “Ven a Bailar Conmigo” for Norway in 2007, “In a Moment Like This” for Denmark in 2010, “Quédate Conmigo” for Spain in 2012, and this year’s Spanish entry “Amanecer.”

Anne Gadegaard enters the contest with a song by her boyfriend and PULS pop group member Micky Skeel. Quite a few names are behind Babou’s entry, including Thomas Sardorf of the group Bombay Rockers, singer Karen Rosenberg, and Melodi Grand Prix regular Lasse Lindorf, who for example was behind the entries by the group Sukkerchok.

“Hotel A” is another Swedish song in the contest, created by Marcos Ubeda, who was behind the 2002 Swedish Eurovision entry “Never Let it Go,” Bobby Ljunggren, who has created many Melodifestivalen entries, including Helena Paparizou’s debut last year with “Survivor.” He was also behind the 2010 winner “This Is My Life,” collaborating with the last “Hotel A” writer, Kristian Lagerström.

Danish producers Remee and Chief1 have created a group called Anti Social Media, which will debut in the contest with the song called “The Way You Are.” Julie Bjerre enters with a song by Grand Prix regular Lise Cabble, who was a part of the team that created “Only Teardrops.” Bjerre’s song has also been created by Emmelie de Forest’s boyfriend Jacob Glæsner, who wrote last year’s Eurovision theme song “Rainmaker.”

Sara Sukurani has created her own song, with the help of Swedish composer Robert Uhlmann. Uhlmann is a frequent composer for Swedish-Iranian Arash, who is also on this songwriting team, with the Swedish-Greek Alexander Papaconstantinou, or Alex P. Arash of course represented Azerbaijan in 2009 with the song “Always,” created by Arash, Uhlmann, and Papaconstantinou.


The full versions of the songs will be uploaded to Youtube tomorrow, when DR hosts the official press conference to present the artists.

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