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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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The day that schlager died... Melodifestivalen Week 4 Predictions

The day that schlager died… Melodifestivalen Week 4 Predictions

| On 27, Feb 2016

Going into Super Saturday where many countries will decide who they are sending to Eurovision; Sweden will be holding their fourth quarter final round in their selection process. This will be the last time new songs will be released to the public.

After the show, all songs in the contest will be released for public listening through different mediums, including those who have already advanced directly to the finals.


The fan club predictions

We will start off the prediction with the public survey the Melodifestivalklubben (Swedish Eurovision Club) conducted last night with the audience, after the dress rehearsal.


The Poll

  1. Frans “If I Were Sorry” 226  – votes – 52,2%
  2. Molly Sanden “Youniverse” – 62 votes – 14,3%
  3. Panetoz “Håll om mig hård” – 53 votes- 12,2%
  4. Eclipse “Runaways” – 35 votes – 8%
  5. Dolly Style “Rollercoaster” – 34 votes – 7,9%
  6. Martin Stenmack “Du tar mig tillbaks” – 12  votes – 3%
  7. Linda Bengtzing “Killer Girl ” – 10 votes – 2,3%


Outbreak Stars

This year’s competition has so far seen many breakout stars who have come from almost obscurity, pushing their way directly to the finals and beating well-known favorites along the way. Week one saw Robin Bengtsson, week two Wikitoria, and just last week we saw both Lisa Ajax and Oscar Zia advance directly to the finals.

Last week, After Dark came in last which prompted the lead singer Christer Lindarw to tell media that his fan base did not know how to vote using the app and that there was an unfairness in the contest. Show runner Christer Björkman commented that we should wait and see how week four goes with Linda Bengtzing before we jump to any conclusions. Could this be the day that schlager dies at Melodfiesivalen?


The Hard Rock Act

Every year, the selection contest includes at least one hard rock act, still reflecting the popularity of melodic rock in Sweden. Eclipse is this year’s chosen band and lead singer Erik Mårtensson has penned the tune which has a high energy performance to match its very catchy course line. Rock fan or not, this will appeal to a broad audience and push it towards at least second chance.

Eclipse Credit: SVT

Credit: SVT


Hello Hi

Though Dolly Style may have had a slight member change over the past year, the cute lolita anime girl group is back. The tune is a bit more club oriented than the previous year’s entry “Hello Hi.” The performance is very colorful and will have support from their young fan base, they will do well with the app voting.

Dolly Style Credit: SVT

Dolly Style
Credit: SVT


Leaving Las Vegas

Heart throb Martin Stenmarck represented Sweden in 2005 with “Las Vegas” at Eurovision, and now he is back with “Du tar mig till backs” (Take me back). The veteran performer executes the song flawlessly, but is not as strong and catchy as “Las Vegas.” Advancing would be based on his already established fan base.

Martin Stenmarck Credit: SVT

Martin Stenmarck
Credit: SVT


Schlager Saviour

Linda Bengtzing returns for her sixth try at Melodifestivalen. The well known Swedish schlager singer has had some extra publicity put on her as there has been criticism coming from some about the lack of schlager representation in the Swedish selection. The staging is fun, the performance brilliant as one would expect from Linda, but is not one of the strongest songs the singer has entered with, which may mean trouble when it comes to the song advancing.

Linda Bengtzing Credit: SVT

Linda Bengtzing
Credit: SVT


Frans who?

If polls are to indicate anything, Frans will have an incredible showing tonight as the break out star of week four with “If I Were Sorry.” Not much is known about Frans before his debut on the Melodifestivalen stage, the last time the public might have had a chance to see him was almost ten years ago as he sang a song about footballer Zlatan. The audience in the house is definitely into the performance, which means it is a strong song, but we shall see how this translates to TV viewers, a second chance or direct to the finals.

Frans Credit: SVT

Credit: SVT



Best Dance Song of the Night

Panetoz is back after doing well during their last outing qualifying directly to the finals with “Efter solsken.” They are back with “Håll om mig hårt” (Hold me tight), which follows the fun formula we have come to love in the band. Similarly to Linda and Martin, this is not one of their strongest songs but is still incredibly fun to watch and dance along to.

Panetoz Credit: SVT

Credit: SVT


The Contest Favourite

The buzz was high around Molly Sandén‘s entry, based on her popularity, and with her positioning in the contest, all eyes are looking to Molly for the victory. All this press and PR will lead to an easy advancement in the contest, most likely direct to finals. “Youniverse” has every right to be a favourite in the contest, the staging and choreography fits the tune very well, and the song is very Loreen-esque, modern and catchy.

Molly Sandén Credit: SVT

Molly Sandén
Credit: SVT


Check back with us after the show as we will talk to some artists on how they are feeling after the results.

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