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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Details of Belarusian selection revealed

Details of Belarusian selection revealed
Emma Kiernan

Previously we have reported that Alexander Rybak, winner of Eurovision 2009, would be a big part of the selection for Belarus’ 2015 entry. have reported details of Belarus’ selection and there is no mention of Alexander Rybak being involved.

Alexander was reportedly searching for a woman over 18 to sing a song written by him. However reports that BTRC have invited all citizans of Belarus and foreign nationals living in Belarus to apply. They ask for singers to write the name of the author of their songs on the form, so it seems that Alexander will not be writing the song after all. Closing date for applications is 21st November.

Two different juries will be put together by BTRC to review the applicants. The results of the application will be revealed on December 5. The best 15 singers and best 30 songs will go directly to the national final, which will take place no later than January 23.

Both a jury and a public vote will select the winner of the national final. In the event of a tie between jury and public votes, the jury will have the final say on who goes to Vienna.

It looks like Alexander Rybak will not be involved at all, contrary to reports.

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