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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Discover Eurovision Easter eggs about the stage and show!

Discover Eurovision Easter eggs about the stage and show!
  • On April 22, 2014

As an Easter treat, the 2014 Head of Show, Jan Lagermand Lundme, have been revealing details about the stage and show over Easter in his vlog.

Pictures of the stage have already leaked, but the videos reveal some closer looks and new information.



Surrounded by water



As revealed earlier, the stage will include water. Thousands of liters follow the edge of the stage, only interrupted by the runways, giving the impression that the stage is an island.

The Head of Show explains that the water symbolizes Denmark being surrounded by water, being a seafaring nation, and of course B&W Hallerne being a former shipyard.

The water has been colored by a special dye that will create the best effect when viewed on a TV, ensuring that it is visible.



Commentators will sit high above the ground



Commentators will arrive from the 37 participating countries, plus Australia, and they will have an excellent view of the show.

High above the ground, above the audience seats, booths have been installed for each of the commentators to report home from.



An LED stage floor – with a twist



The 2014 stage will have a floor completely covered in LED. We’ve seen that before. But this time, it has a twist.

The floor is touch sensitive, meaning the graphics displayed can react to the people walking and dancing on it, which should make for some interesting images when viewed from above. The Head of Show points out that this is the first time this technology has been used in Eurovision.



People and pyro – in the water



The video posted on Sunday April 20 gives us a look at the crowded conditions below the stage. Among other things we can see the filtration tubes that will keep the stage water clean, as the Head of Show reveals that people will get into it at some point.

The little islands in the water surrounding the edge of the stage are in fact holes. It’s from here the pyrotechnics will fire, giving an interesting mix of fireworks and water.

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