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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Doda has been invited by TVP!

Doda has been invited by TVP!
  • On January 13, 2015

Today, Doda was a guest of the program “Muzyczna Jedyna” at 1 Radio Polska. Her song “Riotka” was the song of the day. The host of program was Maria Szabłowska (member of the jury who will be choosing a song for Eurovision). 

The singer admitted that she was invited for Eurovision both in 2014 and NOW! She commented on the Eurovision Song Contest very enthusiastically.

Doda said that she’d know what she wants to show Europe, and she believes that Eurovision is the perfect place for her. In the interview, there were not any information that supposedly she would go to Eurovision. Her song “Riotka” is three minutes long, and was prepared by the Swedes.

Not long will premiere the English version titled “Not Over You.” “Riotka” may not be as such a hit in Poland as “My Słowianie,” but since the release of the clip has been accessed more than 1,300,000 times.



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