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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Doda for Poland at Eurovision 2015?

Doda for Poland at Eurovision 2015?
  • On December 31, 2014

Doda to sing for Poland?

It seems more and more possible. Fanpage Doda na Eurowizję” accumulated more than 10,000 fans. This action was noticed by the singer and also by the popular media in the country. Popular websites (, have published information about such a scenario. wrote today that the singer is considering participation in the Eurovision Song Contest since she published a picture about Doda na Eurowizję.”

It is also worth mentioning that the premiere of her new single will be released tonight in New Year’s Eve night. The song was probably composed by the Swedes, who as we know are famous for good songs for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Doda was also really excited about Cleo’s perfomance. In an interview after Eurovision 2014, she said that it was so emotional moment for her when our singers were onstage. She also said many things about the rules, which is really surprising because people in Poland usually don’t know rules of our favourite contest!


So far we know, a well-known Margaret probably will not go to Austria. In an interview, she admitted that this is not the time, and she have a lot of important projects. In Vienna, we will also not hear Ewelina Lisowska. She responded negatively to a question from a fan that she asked about whether she got an offer from TVP. Also Cleo in an interview said that she would like to once again perform at Eurovision, but not next year. She also praised the competition for a very good organization and a great atmosphere that is often missing in the local events in the country.


Here you can listen the latest single of Doda:


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