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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Donny Montell comes out on top... Week 4 of Lithuanian selection

Donny Montell comes out on top… Week 4 of Lithuanian selection
Kevin Lee

Lithuanian national broadcaster, LRT, aired the fourth out of eight shows of “Eurovizijos“, the Eurovision selection program, this past Saturday.

We saw the return of 10 contestants from the first two weeks compete once again to stay in the competition.


The Contestants

  • Catrinah
  • Erica Jennings
  • Behind the Moon
  • Alice Way
  • Rūta Ščiogolevaitė
  • Valdas Lacko
  • Petunija
  • Donny Montell
  • Eglė Jakštytė
  • Ištvan Kvik & Ellada


Two More Eliminated

After the performances it was revealed that Behind the Moon and Alice Way received the lowest points thus being eliminated from the contest.


The Two Favourites Battle It Out

The first two weeks gave us two early front runners, Donny Montell and Rūta Ščiogolevaitė.

Donny is known for representing Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, placing 14th with “Love is Blind”. This year Donny has entered with the song “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night“.



This is Rūta‘s sixth time trying to represent Lithuania a the Eurovision Song Contest, having come in 2nd place on two occasions during the various selection contests. This year Rūta has entered with the song “United.



Donny Edges to the Top

It was revealed that the juries gave Donny the top 12 points while Rūta received 10. However in tele votes Rūta received more votes, giving her the 12 points with 10 going to Donny.

This resulted in a tie between the two contestants with 22 points each. Had this been the finale, the rules would state that a tie would be broken by based on jury votes, which in this case would mean Donny coming out on top.


Week 4 Results Credit: LRT

Week 4 Results
Credit: LRT


The Marathon continues

Next week on Show 5, the 10 contestants from Show 3 will return to sing and stay in the marathon competition. The show will air February 6 on LRT.

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