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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Donny Montell on top of Lithuanian Eurovision selection

Donny Montell on top of Lithuanian Eurovision selection
Kevin Lee

As we enter week 8 of the Lithuanian selection marathon set to air on LRT this Saturday, we will finally see the two group of singers become one.

So far in the contest, the entrants have been competing in two separate categories, those who entered with their own songs, and those who had songs chosen for them. This will be the first show where both groups will come together to truly see who the favorite is to win the contest.


The Contestants
  • Catrinah“Be Free”
  • Ruslanas Kirilkinas“In My World”
  • Milda Martinkėnaitė“If Tomorrow Never Comes”
  • Erica Jennings“Leading Me Home”
  • Saulenė Chlevickaitė“Strong”
  • Aistė Pilvelytė“You Bet”
  • Valdas Lacko“Stay Tonight”
  • Rūta Ščiogolevaitė“United”
  • Donny Montell“I’ve Been Waiting for This Night”
  • Ieva ZasimauskaitėLife (Not That Beautiful)”


The Favourites So Far

In the category of artists who had songs chosen for them, Aistė Pilvelytė has been dominating that category with no one coming close to getting anywhere near the points she was getting.



It was a different story for the artists who had entered with their own songs, as it has been a battle between Donny Montell and Rūta Ščiogolevaitė for the top spot with Erica Jennings slipping into second place at some points in the contest. Both Donny and Erica have both represented the country previous at the Eurovision Song Contest.




Will the Real Favourite Please Stand Up

This week’s show will be the first time both categories compete on the same program. This will give us a better indication of who the favourite is, to win the whole contest.

Two contestants will be eliminated from the show, with eight hopefuls moving on to the semi-finals.


National Jury Reveals Votes

In the lead-up to the show, the national jury has revealed their votes giving Donny the top points, followed by Aistė, Erica, then Rūta.

This can be a big turning point for Donny who has been very popular with the international jury too. Those votes along with the televotes will be revealed tomorrow night.

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