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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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More drama as Eurovision changes how results are presented

More drama as Eurovision changes how results are presented
Kevin Lee

After a big exciting change was teased yesterday by the official Eurovision Song Contest Twitter account, it was announced today by the EBU that the results presentation¬†would see a complete overhaul for this year’s contest.



More Drama to the Show

The criticism has always been high about the length of time the results procedure takes, and now the EBU has decided to take action. SVT has long championed for a system to make the final announcement more dramatic and unknown until the last moment possible, and by eliminating extra time on the national representatives awarding points.


Only the 12 Points from the Jury to be Revealed

During the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, national spokespersons will only reveal the entries to whom the jury has award 12 points. This will significantly cut time from the results segment. The results will not include how the public voted.


Televotes to be Revealed by Hosts

Afterwards the hosts will reveal the results of the televotes which will be combined for every country from lowest to highest. This will result in a more dramatic finish at it will be almost unknown who has won until the final results are read. There have been instances where the drama of the results have been reduced, such as more recently in 2012 when it was known Loreen would win well before the final countries revealed their votes.



Mello to Euro

The system is used already in the Swedish selection show Melodifestivalen, so it only made sense that the change would be implemented as the country is set to host the country this year.



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