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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Elaiza interview: "No matter what happens, life's going on"

Elaiza interview: “No matter what happens, life’s going on”
Eric Nocito

Before Elaiza had the chance to rehearse for the first time in Copenhagen, ESC Reporter had the chance to speak to the German entrants regarding their upcoming participation.



Thank you for speaking with us!


You won the German final – do you feel any pressure from representing your country in the contest?

We are so happy and thankful that we’ve get the chance to share our music with Europe.Therefore we don’t feel it as a pressure, we feel it as an honor. :)



“No matter what happens, life’s going on :)”



Your song is called “Is It Right” – what is it about and what was the inspiration?

Sometimes, it’s very hard to get the right direction in your life and it’s a topic which includes every one of us. I think it’s a good idea to describe this situation and to explain that YOU are responsible for your life. No matter what happens, life’s going on :) , “I can go on , you can go on.” :)


How did you find each other? How was Elaiza formed?

Our band was formed in the beginning of the last year. I was 16 years old when I started to work in the Valicon studios as a singer/songwriter. During my work there, I met Yvonne with her amazing accordion. We jammed a lot together and we decided to get a double bass player into our project, but we wanted a girl, which made our situation a bit complicated. :)

Now comes the funny part. Yvonne was invited on a party of a friend, who is not only a musician but also a creator of a new liqueur called “Pijökel”. There, she discovered a picture of a beautiful girl with a big double bass on a pin board and contacted her very quickly. :) We called Natalie, showed her some ideas of ours, and, yeah, she loved it. So we created our band, ELAIZA.


Are you planning any changes to your performance for Eurovision?

We are natural, authentic, and honest, and that’s the reason why we want to present our music that way. Our song has priority and not only in the show. So all in all, you can expect US. :)


What do you hope people will remember you for once Eurovision is over?

We hope that they remember three tough girls with their song “Is it right.”



“I won’t forget Ruslana and when she won
the Eurovision Song Contest 2004!”



This is the 59th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, are you a fan and if so how long have you watched? Do you have any favorite Eurovision songs from previous years?

I am a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest!!! I mean I grew up with that show! It was every time so exciting to sit in front of the TV and enjoy the music of Europe especially the artists of Poland, Ukraine, and Germany…these are my roots!!I I won’t forget Ruslana and when she won the Eurovision Song Contest 2004! I like this song a lot. :)


Do you like any of the other Eurovision songs this year?

It’s hard to have a favorite because every artist is special and good at the ESC. Especially the aspect that music is a taste thing. We are so glad that we can meet them at the show. :)


Have you ever visited Copenhagen?

No, we’ve never been to Copenhagen.



“I’m worrying about the situation in Ukraine!”



Ela, with your Ukrainian background, how do you feel about the current events in Ukraine?

I’m worrying about the situation in Ukraine! I’m afraid that the country threatens to split. I just can hope that these circumstances gonna change with a bit diplomacy and communication.



Do you have a special message for the readers of

Dear ESC Reporter readers,

Please keep the fingers crossed for us! We are so thankful that we’ve got the chance to share our music with Europe!! We love you guys and we hope that we can give you something back in Denmark!! Thousand kisses!!! <3 <3 <3


Thanks again! Good luck on Saturday!



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