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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Essaï Altounian's ARMENIA project

Essaï Altounian’s ARMENIA project
Emma Kiernan

In 2015, Essaï Altounian took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Vienna as part of the Armenian group, Genealogy. Their song, “Face the Shadow” had the strong theme of Armenian Genocide. Now, Essaï continues this theme in his ARMENIA project.


Essai Altounian

Essaï is a French-Armenian singer, songwriter, composer, and actor. At the age of 19, Essaï signed a contract with Sony France as lead singer of the urban/pop idol group, Ideal-3. When Essaï was 21, he left the band and signed a solo contract with Mercury Universal. As a solo artist, Essaï received invitations to write and produce for other artists. Essaï has written and arranged musical pieces for many shows and he has also directed entire musical productions such as La Bataille des chorales, Le grand show des enfants, and Pop’s . Essaï has established a collaboration with music veteran Kerry Gordy and Kerry Gordy Records (KGR).

With Essaï’s ARMENIA project, he hopes to honour the memory of his grandfather, who survived the Armenian Genocide, through music.



The ARMENIA project album will include both festive and melodic songs in Armenian that interpret heritage, blending the traditional Armenian instruments through a contemporary pop production. The themes are inspired by the history of the Armenian culture. The album showcases many instruments including the Duduk, the Kaval, the Peloul, the Tar, and the Zourna.

A music video will be recorded by Essaï in May. The video will be based on one of the album’s songs, and will display the beautiful landscape and rich culture of Armenia.

The final stage of Essaï’s project will be a show. The show will be a mix of 3D projections and special effects with ballet dancing, colourful costumes, and an orchestra.

The show will open with Noah trying to save humanity from the floods of Armenia as images of animals are projected onto the stage, accompanied by music.

A crowdfunding page has been set up in order to fun the ARMENIA project. Contributions will go towards the symphony recording of the album with a 60 musicians from a classical Armenian orchestra, the production of the video clip and the international promotion of the project.

“I’ve put a piece of Armenia in each project that I did during my career. Now, I want to share the Armenian culture to the world, I want everyone to know about us and I think that the most powerful way to connect to people is MUSIC. It’s not an Armenian project, it’s a universal project from ARMENIA,” said Essaï.


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