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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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EuroClub and Euro Fan Café Come Together

EuroClub and Euro Fan Café Come Together
Kevin Lee

Lot’s of big news came from Stockholm today in regards to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

The official slogan and logo were unveiled, along with the semi-final allocation draw. Now, we have news of the EuroClub and the Euro Fan Café in Stockholm!


2 Become 1

In a move to unite fans, the decision was made to bring together the EuroClub and Euro Fan Café into one joint venue in a specially built 2,800 square meter, two-floor tent, next to Stockholm’s Royal Palace.


Euro Fan Café by Day

The venue will serve as the Euro Fan Café during the day, where everyone will be welcomed to enjoy the space while watching feeds of the rehearsals taking place from the Globe Arena.

A similar set up took place at the song contest in Mamö a few years ago.


Party for Everybody (almost)… Dance!

At night, the beats will be pumping as the tent becomes the EuroClub. The venue at night will only be for delegations, those with accreditations, and fans that are part of the largest Eurovision fan club, the OGAE (at the moment only those who have the cards).


Will the lion sleep tonight?

There is no need to worry about bothering the neighbours as the King of Sweden, Carl Gustav, does not actually sleep in the palace next door. Although the palace is the Official Royal Residence, the King of Sweden sleeps in a palace further out in the suburbs of Stockholm.


Almost 5,000 to Come Together

The decision to bring together the two venues was made to better utilize the specially built space at all times, but also to not split up groups of friends and fans between two venues in two areas of the city.

With the speculation that the organisers would like the venue to have capacity of up to 5,000, we can expect for a lot of people to Come Together.


Two week extravaganza at the Eurovision Village

Eurovision Village, which is just across a short bridge from the EuroClub, will also be a great spot for the public to Come Together. A big stage will be utilized for entertainment, with many smaller booths and restaurant stalls set to be constructed around it.

The Royal Gardens, which will host the Eurovision Village, can hold up to 25,000 people at any given time. Programs at the Eurovision Village are expected to begin Monday May 2, which will give the village an almost two week long run. It is possible for the gardens to hold an alcohol licence, but as to whether this will happen has yet to be revealed.

The Eurovision Village and EuroClub/Fan Café are located about a 7 – 10 minute walk from the Gamla Stan or T-Centralen metro stops. From there, it is just a short 10 minute metro ride to Globen station for the Eurovision Song Contest.


Photo: Abhijeet Vardhan

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