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ESC Reporter | December 17, 2017

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EuroClub and Eurovision Village locations announced!

EuroClub and Eurovision Village locations announced!
Kevin Lee

Today, Swedish national broadcaster SVT revealed the locations of two very important elements of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest: The EuroClub and Eurovision Village!

The location of the opening ceremony was also announced.


EuroClub at the palace

Dancing Queens will rejoice as the EuroClub will be located right beside Stockholm’s iconic Royal Palace. With over 600 rooms, the palace boasts being one of the largest in the entire world still in official use. The club will be under a specially built tent running along the Baltic Sea across the road from the palace.

Stockholm Palace

Stockholm Palace


Royal Gardens host Eurovision Village

Eurovision Village will be just a hop, skip and a stone’s throw away, being located in the Royal Gardens.

First allocated for the enjoyment of the Swedish Royal family and their friends, it wasn’t until the late 18th Century that the “Theater King” Gustav III opened up the beautiful space to the public. Today it boasts a large stage, and cafes lining the sides. The gardens are famous for its cherry blossom trees, which usually bloom in early May, so fans might get an extra special treat.

Both the gardens and club are located by a 10 minute Metro ride to the Globe Arena off the green line from the closest station Gamla Stan (Old Town).

Royal Gardens

Royal Gardens


Opening ceremony at City Hall

SVT also announced that the opening ceremony will be conducted at Stockholm City Hall, a 10 minute walk from the Royal Gardens along the water. The building, constructed 100 years ago, has a tower which affords the best view of Central Stockholm. The opening ceremony is a lavish event, where all delegations are welcomed with red carpet glamour and a big party.

Last year, the opening ceremony took place at Vienna City Hall, while the Malmö Opera House hosted the event in 2013.


Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall

“The choice of the Stockholm City Hall for the opening ceremony and the Royal Garden for the Eurovision Village feels just right, but what really stands out is the unique location of the EuroClub, at one of Stockholm’s most beautiful places, at the waterfront in front of the Royal Palace. There will be magic,” said the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest producer Christer Björkman to


Allocation draw January 25

If you cannot wait until May for more Eurovision excitement, the next big day to mark in your calendars is Monday January 25th, as that is when SVT will hold a special event to allocate the placement of the acts for the semi-finals!



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