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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Eurovision 2014 gets €4 million in public funds

Eurovision 2014 gets €4 million in public funds
  • On December 5, 2013

Every year, the Danes are required to pay a fee that, among other media -related entities, funds the government-owned media company DR, which is the host broadcaster of Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The funds that are not used are put into a pool for redistribution in other areas. The pool currently holds 59.6 million Danish kroner, or about 8 million euros.

Today, the Ministry of Culture announced how the funds are going to be spent. Of the 59.6 million, 29.8 million, or about 4 million euros, will be granted to help fund the Eurovision event in Copenhagen. That is half of the available funds.

I am really pleased that we have been able to agree to give DR the opportunity to provide a financial lift of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Denmark in May next year. It is a very big event which attracts millions of viewers, not just from Denmark, but from all of Europe and in that way help to increase the interest for Denmark in the rest of the world,” said Marianne Jelved, Secretary of Culture.

DR applied for extra funds back in September and it has been up the politicians to debate the subject of how the money were to be split. The 4 million euros will be added to the funds that DR already has available in their budget.

Earlier we reported that Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will cost an estimated 30 million euros. You can read more about that and how it will be funded by clicking here.


Source: KUM

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