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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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Eurovision 2015 slogan signals unity with "Building Bridges"

Eurovision 2015 slogan signals unity with “Building Bridges”
  • On September 11, 2014

After a creative bidding phase where the 2015 host broadcaster ORF received hundreds of slogan proposals for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, a winner has been chosen by the event organizers.

The contest will be “Building Bridges.”


Experienced crew

The slogan was created by the experienced Vienna-based branding agency PKP BBDO. This year, the agency has done work for a wide variety of companies, including Sony, Toyota, Austrian Airlines, Bayer, and ORF. Now, they will be taking on the Eurovision Song Contest, creating both the slogan and also the theme logo, TV-graphics, and other visuals.


Healing Europe – creating acceptance and tolerance

The slogan comes at a time when conflict in Europe is escalating at an ever worrying pace. The contest got political in Copenhagen, when the Russian Tolmachevy Twins were boo’ed by the audience after qualifying for the Grand Final.

“Building Bridges” is clearly referencing the very origins of the contest, created after World War II to heal a Europe devastated by the war. It exists as a unique concept that is able get people to come together across borders, in spite of differences.

In Copenhagen, Conchita Wurst came to symbolize a sense of acceptance and tolerance, no matter what the appearance or sexuality. She even gained high scores from Eastern Europe, being “unstoppable.”

“With “Building Bridges” we have chosen a theme, the idea of ​​Europe with the uniting character of music and that in Vienna, the traditional capital of world music in the heart of Europe,” said the Director General of ORF, Dr. Alexander Wrabetz, to “We understand this slogan as a logical extension of the idea Conchita Wurst formulated at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and also lived: the importance of openness, tolerance across all borders for a joint interaction. With the song contest in Vienna, we want music to build bridges across borders, cultures and languages​​. In light of the unifying power of this great common European event, we invite all to build bridges and to join hands.”

The Executive Supervisor of the EBU, Jon Ola Sand, is also very pleased with the slogan. “It’s a great slogan that captures what the Eurovision Song Contest has been all about since 1956 – bringing people together. We are looking forward to continue building with our colleagues in Austria for the next eight months – it will be the biggest bridge ORF has ever built!,” he said to


How it all comes together will be exciting to see.

According to the EBU, the theme logo and other visuals will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!



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