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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Eurovision 2015 stage to incorporate 650 kinetic light fixtures

Eurovision 2015 stage to incorporate 650 kinetic light fixtures
  • On April 28, 2015

A week ago, the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest stage neared completion inside the Wiener Stadthalle venue in Vienna, Austria.

Not only will it consist of 1288 tubes lit up from the inside by LEDs, 650 kinetic light fixtures will also be suspended from the ceiling above the audience standing area.


Kinetic sculptures

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, stage technology company Wahlberg has developed fast moving and individually programmable winches to hoist 650 motorized balls up and down to form an endlessly customizable look. According to the company, they will together create grand kinetic sculptures.


Previous use

It is not the first time we see either of these technologies in the Eurovision context. Back in 2010, light-up balls were also built into the stage lighting rig suspended above, and used in many performances, including Lena’s winning act.

In 2013, we saw 70 individually programmable kinetic lights suspended over the entire audience in the Malmö Arena, creating different visual impressions such as the slow wave for Anouk’s “Birds.”


Already visible

But with 650 balls placed much closer together, the setup allows the organizers to create stronger visual impressions. One example could be to mimic this year’s motion graphics, which use a series of dots moving in a wave, or create the national flags before each performance.

The feature has not yet been officially presented, and Wahlberg has removed its description of the work from their website, but the rig system featuring the kinetic balls can be seen in many of the pictures of the stage, such as in the upper right corner of the photo below.


eurovision 2015 stage construction vienna near complete april



An example of the concept at work


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