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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Armenia 2015 | ESC Reporter



  • Created: For ESC 2015
  • Selection: Internal
  • Semi-final: 1

“Face the Shadow”

  • Music: Armen Martirosyan
  • Lyrics: Inna Mkrtchyan

  • Genealogy were formed in 2015 for the purpose of competing at Eurovision 2015. The idea was to form a group that was representative of five continents as well as Armenia.

    The first member to be announced was Essaï Altounian, a French-Armenian singer, songwriter, keyboardist and music producer. Essaï represents the continent of Europe in the group.

    The second member to be announced was Tamar Kaprelian. Born in America to Armenian parents, singer and musician Tamar represents the USA in the group.

    The third member of Genealogy to be confirmed was Ethiopian singer of Armenian descent, Vahe Tilbian. Vahe represents Africa in the group.

    The fourth member of the group to be revealed was Stephanie Topalian. The Japanese-American singer and actress of Armenian descent will be representing Asia in the group.

    The fifth member of Genealogy to be announced was Australian Opera singer of Greek and Armenian descent, Mary Jean O’Doherty. Mary Jean represents the continent of Australia in the group.

    Lastly, Inga Arshakyan, who already represented Armenia at Eurovision 2009 along with her sister Anush, was announced as the final member, representing Armenia.


  • In February, it was announced that supergroup Genealogy had been selected internally as the Armenian representative for Eurovision 2015.

    Each member of the group was revealed weeks apart, creating suspense for Armenian Eurovision fans. Their song for Vienna, “Don’t Deny,” was premiered on a special show on Armenian television on March 12.

    On March 16,, it was revealed that the name of Armenia’s Eurovision 2015 entry had been changed to “Face the Shadow.”

    Genealogy will sing their power ballad which commemorates Armenian genocide at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna.

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