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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Montenegro 2015 | ESC Reporter



  • Born: December 5, 1967, Cetinje, Montenegro
  • Selection: Internal – RTCG
  • Semi-final: 2


  • Music: Željko Joksimović
  • Lyrics: Željko Joksimović, Marina Tucaković, Dejan Ivanović

  • Knez was born in Montenegro in 1967 to a family of musicians. Knez’s first singing experience came at the age of five, when he sang at the Naša Radost Festival in Titograd, now Podgorica. Knez was a member of two bands in high school and later, created a band with his father, Milija Knežević.

    Knez began his solo career in 1992, when he took part in Belgrade’s pop music festival, Mesam, with the song “Da l’ si ikada mene voljela”. In that same year, Knez released his debut album, Kao magija.

    Knez’s second album, Dan za danom, gained him some hit songs around the Baltic area. His third album, Automatik, broke sales records and became his highest selling album. Since then Knez has recorded seven more albums. He has released three compilation albums. Knez’s Best of album contains eighteen of his hit songs.

    Knez has toured all over the former Yugoslavian area and is a well-known name there. He is currently working on his 11th album, which will be released this summer.

  • In 2004, Knez took part in Serbia & Montenegro’s national selection with the song “Navika”. He finished in fourteenth place. In 2008, Knez took part in Montenegro’s national final. He finished in third place.

    In October 2014, at a press conference in Podgorica, Montenegrin broadcaster, RTCG announced that they had internally selected Knez to be their representative at Eurovision 2015.

    In February, RTCG revealed that they had enlisted Eurovision veteran, Željko Josimović as the composer for Montenegro’s song.

    Knez’s song for Eurovision 2015, “Adio” was released on March 21.

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