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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Netherlands 2015 | ESC Reporter


Trijntje Oosterhuis

  • Born: February 5, 1973, Amsterdam,  Netherlands
  • Selection: Internal – AVROTROS
  • Semi-final: 1

“Walk Along”

  • Music: Anouk Teeuwe, Tobias Karlsson
  • Lyrics: Anouk Teeuwe

  • Jazz and soul singer Trijntje was born in Amsterdam in 1973.

    In 1990, Trijntje and her brother Tjeerd formed the band Total Touch. The group released their self-titled album in 1995 and their first single “Touch Me There” sold over 100,000 copies and became a summer hit. The group released a second album in 1998. The group disbanded in 2001.

    Trijntje released her debut solo album in 2003 and has released six more albums since then.

    Her most recent album, “Wrecks We Adore” was a collaboration with the Dutch representative at Eurovision 2013, Anouk.

    Trijntje has worked with a long list of famous names in the music industry including Lionel Richie, Burt Bacharach, Andrea Bocelli, Coolio, Candy Dulfer, Al Jarreau, Queen, and Ronan Keating.

    Trijntje is a mentor on The Voice of Holland. In 2012, one of her contestants, Leona Philippo won the competition.

    Trijntje has two sons, Jonas and Marijn.


  • In November, Dutch broadcaster, AVROTROS, announced that they had internally selected Trijntje to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2015.

    In December, the song, “Walk Along” was premiered on Dutch radio show, Gouden Uren! Later, Trijntje sang the song live for the first time on The Voice of Holland.

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“I know this will bring out the best in me”

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