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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Eurovision 2016 stage revealed

Eurovision 2016 stage revealed
Kevin Lee

SVT today revealed the stage design for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Fans no longer have to wonder how the stage will look, and what views their special standing tickets will afford.

Frida Arvidsson and Viktor Brattström are credited with the design, who were the same team behind the stage in Malmö a few years back. “We wanted to do something that makes people wonder if it is even possible to implement,” Viktor told SVT.


More Depth With Light

Light is being strongly used to create depth with this stage. “The aim is to allow the spotlights to create new rooms,” Frida said. Viktor added “Usually the LED is a flat wall at the back of the stage. We have broken it up and made it possible to move around inside it.”


More depth with light. Credit SVT

Eurovision Stage more depth with light.
Credit SVT


It Is Both Challenging and Inspiring

Show producer Sven Stojanovic was impressed with the design and was quoted as saying, “It’s a terrific-looking stage, and something we have not seen before. In a way gives us the stage almost unlimited possibilities, while it forces us to think in new ways. Creatively, it is both challenging and inspiring.


Eurovision stage both challenging and inspiring. Credit SVT

Eurovision stage both challenging and inspiring.
Credit SVT

We will have to wait until May to see the stage in action, but for now here is a preview render video of the stage.



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