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ESC Reporter | February 22, 2018

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Eurovision 2016 winner, Jamala: I miss home

Eurovision 2016 winner, Jamala: I miss home
Alvaro Sanabria


During an interview for political newspaper El Confidencial the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Jamala, said she misses visiting her parents’ home.

“I miss my parents. I feel sorry for not being able to go home. It is seven minutes from the sea. (In Russia), they consider me a secessionist and don’t allow me to visit. The Tatar culture is disappearing because of emigration. There are cases of disappearances just for talking about Ukraine. It is terrible.”

According to her manager, Jamala is not officially forbidden to enter Crimea or Russia. However “her integrity could not be guaranteed.”


More than a competition  

According to Jamala, winning Eurovision was more than a competition for her. “It meant reflecting the pain and sadness for Ukraine. War is not a joke. Not all entries could be simple. I wanted that ‘1944’ sent an interracial message that could talk to Syrians flying home or to those expelled from their countries. I wanted to touch the heart of the people, that everybody could understand the song; to share with the world the story of my mother and to give hope to those in a similar situation. I wanted to tell them that they have a future.”


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