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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 to be broadcast in China

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 to be broadcast in China
  • On April 25, 2016

The Chinese interest in the Eurovision Song Contest grows every year and this year, the contest will be broadcast online and in broadcast for the first time.

The Chinese channel Mango TV hosts the contest, and also streamed the show from Vienna last year.


Their interest has been increasing

Like last year, a Chinese delegation will also be present on-site, to report on the shows. The delegation consists of 12 accredited journalists.

“Their interest has been increasing, but this year is the first they will air it both through steaming and broadcast. It is very interesting since we for the last ten years have felt entertainment-TV lose its mark. It has been used as an example of the death of TV in general. At the same time, Eurovision keeps growing against the trend. It says a lot about the power of the event,” said Martin Österdahl, this year’s executive producer.


Change in format for continued growth

Martin Österdahl continues that while Eurovision has the ability to continue growing, it will be hard within the current format, where 40+ countries are already testing the logistical limits. A change in format could change that. With Australia increasing interest in Asia and several European countries not yet in the show, there is ability for more growth.


This will be the third time the Eurovision Song Contest will be aired in China, the first time being in 2013 on CCTV.


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