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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Eurovision Song Project (Cyprus): Audition 1

Eurovision Song Project (Cyprus): Audition 1
George Dalakouras

On December 7, the first audition of the Cypriot National Preselection, Eurovision Song Project, was broadcasted by CyBC.

Nine songs competed and the four qualified directly to the Eurochallenge rounds, which are going to take place on January 18 and January 25.


The viewers were able to watch just one minute of every participating song and later the jury’s vote was revealed. The artists, besides their own song, had to sing acapella their favorite song from the Eurovision Song Contest.


The entries which managed to qualify to the next round are:

  • “Come and fight for freedom” by Eva Diva, receiving 4/4 positive votes


  • “Right in” by Emily Charalambous, receiving 4/4 positive votes


  • “I wanna dance” (I say tempo) by Charalambos “Luna” Iosif, receiving 3/4 positive votes


  • “Still” by Maria Evangelou, receiving 3/4 positive votes


The entries which didn’t managed to go through to the Eurochallenge are:

  • “Chlomi selini” by Nikolas Levendis
  • “Enan kafe mazi” by Nikolas Mavromichalis
  • “Kori tis Mesogiou” by Christodoula Tsagara
  • “Remember my love” by Ifigenia Loukaidou feat Lyrical eye
  • “Just another girl” by Elena Kousi

Every single song has a unique message and melody. Even from the first audition it seems as if it’s going to be a really tough competition!

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