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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Eurovision Song Project (Cyprus): Audition 3

Eurovision Song Project (Cyprus): Audition 3
George Dalakouras

On December 22, on the stage of Eurovision Song Project, another 10 entries were represented. Beside their entries, every artist had to sing their favorite song from Eurovision, in acapella form.

After the voting of the jury, four songs managed to qualify to the Eurochallenge Stage, which is going to take place on January 18 and January 25.

Here you can listen to them:

  • “Dawn” by Eleni Irakleous: receiving 4/4 positive votes


  • “Magic” by Doody, receiving 4/4 positive votes


  • “Deila den agapo” by Nearchos Evangelou & Charis Savva, receiving 4/4 positive votes


  • “Meine” by Christos Rialas, receiving 4/4 positive votes


In addition, here you can find the six songs which are not going to continue on the next stage:

  • “Heaven on Earth” by Eleonora, receiving 2/4 positive votes
  • “Unicorn” by Anastasia Liberos, receiving 2/4 positive votes
  • “Chorevo mambo” by Evagoras Evagorou, receiving 2/4 positive votes
  • “You can’t stop love” by Christina Papaioannou, receiving 0/4 positive votes
  • “The key is love” by Lady Ava, receiving 0/4 positive votes
  • “My aura is bright” by Dj Perform feat Stalo Patsia, receiving 0/4 positive votes

So far, thirteen songs have won the ticket for the Eurochallenge Stage.

Don’t miss the next audition on December 26!


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