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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Eurovision Song Project (Cyprus): Audition 5

Eurovision Song Project (Cyprus): Audition 5
George Dalakouras

On January 4, CyBC broadcasted the fifth audition of Eurovision Song Project. Ten artists sang live on the stage of the show, but only three qualified on to the Eurochallenge Stage, which is going to take place on January 18 and 25. For the last audition next week, we have already known that two performers will go on the preselection, since it is mentioned that the Eurochallenge Stage will include 20 entries.

Just like every Sunday, every performer, beside his/her own song, had to sing in acapella form his/her favorite Eurovision entry of all time.


The entries which managed to qualify are:


  • “Victorious” by Yuri, receiving 4/4 positive votes


  • “Don’t give up on my” by Apollonia, receiving 3/4 positive votes


  • “Stone in a river” by Hovig, receiving 4/4 positive votes


The entries which failed to qualify are:

  • “Lonely nights” by Christina Stylianou, receiving 1/4 positive votes
  • “Rebound” by Neofitos Stratis, receiving 2/4 positive votes
  • “Let your mind free” by Flirt, receiving 0/4 positive votes
  • “No money no honey” by Helena, receiving 0/4 positive votes
  • “When we used to be” by Kostantina Georgiou, receiving 2/4 positive votes
  • “Play me like a pop song” by Maria Evangelou, receiving 1/4 positive votes

Don’t miss the last audition of the Eurovision Song Project on January 11!

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