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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Exclusive interview with Kamaliya!

Exclusive interview with Kamaliya!
Eric Nocito

Kamaliya, Ukrainian singer and actress, addressed the recent rumors about her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, revealed her goals and hopes for her new album and future singles, in an exclusive interview, only for ESC Reporter.



The full interview:


  • How do you feel about the campaign to have you represent UK in Eurovision 2014?

I am extremely flattered of course by the enthusiasm of my UK fans who have undertaken such a campaign, though there may be more deserving artists in UK who could be sent to represent the country for this esteemed song competition!


  • Are you interested in performing in Eurovision? If so, would you represent UK or Ukraine?

Now that’s a tough call!! I carry a Ukrainian passport. but for the last two years I have not performed any concerts there as I have been very busy touring and promoting my album in the UK. I guess is what has prompted my fans to start a campaign to send me to Eurovision, which is brilliant! In Ukraine, these songs and albums are yet to be officially released, so they know very little about my European material. My first choice would probably have to be the UK, though I would be happy of course if both countries would consider me!


  • You are quite a figure in the Eurovision community.  Will you maybe attend Eurovision 2014 as a guest and meet fans? :)

Well that’s lovely to know! Whether I get to go, which I would really love to do, all depends on how quickly I receive an invitation from the Eurovision organizers!!!! As my management is actively booking dates for the filming for my next television series in UK, media appearances and recording and touring my new album alongside performances with Jose Carreras… I’m hoping they let me know soon!! This alongside my new most fantastic responsibility of all … my newly-born twin baby girls…. would be the only thing to keep me away!!


  • The UK release of “Club Opera” is an exciting thing.  How does it feel to have hit songs in UK and Germany?

UNREAL!!!! It’s beyond excitingly fabulous and such an honour to be signed to a major record label, to sell and have fans who I love, and to then be chased by the paparazzi up Park Lane in London!! Dreams can come true….


  • After “Club Opera,” will you continue the style or begin a new style of music?

Although one says that you should never change the winning team, especially after the success of my released singles “Butterflies”, “I’m alive” & “Love me like” from my album ‘Club Opera’ – equally nothing should stay the same forever…! So be ready for a few surprises!!!


  • What do you want your next single to be or sound like?

I am presently brainstorming with my brilliant label and team of producers at present. So watch this!!!


  • Do you have plans to appear in more films or television shows, or for a promotional tour in Europe or USA?

For sure. All of the above please!


  • Do you have any special message for

My favourite is I am addicted to it.




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