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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Explosion on Eurovision Island evacuates press

Explosion on Eurovision Island evacuates press

| On 06, May 2014

The rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 are ongoing, but during today’s work with the open rehearsals of the Big 5 and Denmark, the press was momentarily asked to leave the arena for an announcement.

Confusion spread to not only the press, but also to the staff and volunteers as no one knew what exactly was going on. An announcement was apparently made before everyone could get to the press center, and people were left to figure out when they could return.

According to Danish media, a propane gas explosion had occurred just outside the venue on the audience entrance route, inside a sausage vendor truck set up to sell the Danes’ favorite food to the queuing public. This had happened at 10:30 CET, at the start of the rehearsals, yet the press was not asked to leave the arena until an hour later. Oddly, all the crew and the French delegation remained inside.

While no bypassers were injured, the owner of the truck was rushed to the hospital with burns and his condition is not known.

The press was allowed back into the venue just five minutes after being evacuated, as France continued to rehearse.


Video from the scene

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