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ESC Reporter | January 24, 2018

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Final four artists move to Belgian semi-finals

Final four artists move to Belgian semi-finals
Eric Nocito

After 12 artists sang cover versions of Eurovision hits in the call back round, the final four moved on to the semi-finals. This was determined by a combination of points given by the jury and the public.



To the semi-finals (in place order):

  1. Bandits – Medley: ”Anne,”“Jennifer Jennings,” “Only Teardrops” (Denmark 2013) (Average Jury score: 87)
  2. Sil – ”J’aime La Vie” (Belgium 1986) (89)
  3. Day One – “Nocturne” (Norway 1995) (91)
  4. 2 Fabiola feat. Loredana – “Euphoria” (Sweden 2012) (75)




  • White Bird – “Love Shine a Light” (United Kingdom 1997) (82)
  • Jessy – “Je T’adore” (Belgium 2006) (70)
  • Mr. Jones – “My Star” (Latvia 2000) (59)
  • Joyce – “Save Your Kisses for Me” (United Kingdom 1976) (68)


So the mystery continues with Day One qualifying to the semi-finals and rumors still are flying that it is being lead by Kate Ryan. Scarily enough, the singing voice of the female lead is pretty much dead-on to that of Kate Ryan, while it’s unknown yet for sure since she hasn’t spoken yet. Adding more confusion is that Kate Ryan announced on her Twitter account that she’s presently in Sochi with a cryptic and vague image (although there is no visual proof of her there as of yet).


The semi-finals will air on February 23, March 2, and March 9, with four qualifiers in each, competing for a place of the final.

The selection will conclude on March 16, when the winner is selected and becomes Belgium’s representative for Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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